Veterans Affairs

Having served our country both at home and in Iraq, veterans issues are close to me.  When I heard that the long standing tradition of honoring graves at our National Cemeteries on Memorial Day was being canceled this year, I had to find a solution.  So I purchased 18,000 US made and between 150 and 200 volunteers helped me honor all the graves at Mountain Home National Cemetery.  This is an example f the creative problem solving that I will bring to the First District.

Congressman Roe is known as a strong supporter of the veteran community.  This is a tradition that I will continue.  There are many benefits that our service members are promised when they join our military.  Going back on those promises after all the sacrifices that they have made for our Nation is immoral.  I will constantly fight to maintain and expand veterans’ benefits.  I will also push to continue the improvements and oversight in the VA healthcare system.