Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Anti-Establishment

I am Pro-Life and I am Pro-Women.  I believe that life starts at conception and abortion is killing an innocent life.  I will push for the de-funding of Planned Parenthood contrary to what many Republicans did when they had the chance during President Trump’s first two years in office.  Even though it is said that taxpayer money does not directly fund Planned Parenthood’s abortions, every penny they get enables the killing of millions of babies every year. Despite what the pro-abortion side will tell you, abortion takes a toll on the survivors, for every radical who “shouts their abortion,” there are thousands of women who are hurt and live with the pain of regret.  I also believe that if we are to end the horror that is abortion, we must make it easier and more affordable for families to foster and adopt domestically.  I will put forward legislation to provide tax breaks to foster families and streamline the adoption process.